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Books A Million - Inappropriate materials displayed at front entrance
Books A Million - Inappropriate materials displayed at front entrance
Books A Million - Inappropriate materials displayed at front entrance
In a day and age where consumers can shop online cheaper than in your store my latest experience has me resorting to that from now on. As I walked in the entrance in New Bern, NC store with my children, the very first stand had a display from top to bottom with titles...
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Her entire point is void. What year is this?

2018 so are you seriously going to content that the picture in your comment was "offensive"? That somehow a picture of a "glamour model" warped you precious children's minds? There is nothing adult or offensive about the above book image. Personally I have two small *** age boys.

And frankly (and please get ready I may use a big scary adult word) Sex and Sexuality simply has not registered yet. There body still lacks the necessary hormones to induce thoughts of sexual attraction and reproductions. Does Books-A-Million sells books on Puberty and Natural Child Development? Perhaps you should read a few.Those children see noting inappropriate with the above image, YOU however do.

Sorry it's your "dirty mind" that took offense...So how did you respond in front of the children?

Did you behave like an adult, and just "played it off" like a non issue thus bringing no negative attention to the book? Thus negating the building of a negative perception to "dirty sex things" for life?Or did you chose the less intelligent approach, and "flip the *** out" covering the poor children's eyes and making a scene like some type if "super conservative, god warrior zealot"?Your actions not your words dictate future development in your child...

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