Bought books from Books-A-Million .A very clever fast talking Dominque said you qualify for 3 free magazines for spending over a certain amount. She neglected to also say if you DON'T cancel in 3 months they will CHARGE your CREDIT CARD for the 3 magazines.

Its in the fine print .... BUYER BEWARE... BUYER BEWARE.. SCAM SCAM SCAM.....

This is a good way to get rid of customers. Each person you do this to tells many more.

Ask yourself Is it working for you. If its already happened to you be sure to call the 1-800-353-7034 or web site www.magassist.com to cancel or get stuck with a big magazine bill.

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When you are being signed up for magazines, there is a slip of paper that the customer has to sign. The real biggest problem is that consumers don't read what they are signing.

Be proactive or just say no.

You can get a refund when you call in just say NO through all the prompts. It literally takes maybe 5 minutes


Amazon has scything they sell but cheaper


Thanks, they got me today...guy was a fast talker. Been trying to call but I guess they have not sent my order in yet.. This is a dirty sales tactic that will fool most people, because who really looks at the fine print?

to Never again Books-A-Million #1494050

They haven’t sent in my order yet either. The guy talked me into it too and said nothing about me being charged. Now I am in this mess of having to cancel this subscription before I forget and end up paying an arm and a leg for something I couldn’t care less about.


I too was told that I had earned free magazines. I was told that I would not be charged for renewed subscriptions.

I was lied too and had to cancel my debit card in order to get my money returned.

The transactions were pending and hopefully will get my money returned. Will NOT shop at SCAM again.


Help!! I canceled my subscriptions but can’t get a refund and I can’t talk to a live person only a robit


I currently work for BAM and I will say that the organization does not intend to scam anyone. It's 100% the cashiers who pitch the membership cards and magazine trials their own way.

Each cashier is required to pitch both offers to every customer, but it's expected the majority of people will say no.

Honestly I do know that when I was a cashier I would go out of my way to explain that YOU would have to cancel, even writing it on their receipt, the customer would agree and say they understood, and return weeks later claiming I never told them.

Sometimes wires get crossed, sometimes cashiers speak too fast and information is left out.

It's unfortunate but it happens.

Don't let a bad expirience keep you from shopping somewhere. Just say no to the pitches.

to Anonymous #1528196

Its amazing how nobody who paid cash qualified for "free magazines" i PRINTED my name and address to have these "free" magazines mailed to me. I did not sign anything for them to charge a card that isnt even mine!


Never shopping at books a million again!


Totally agree... I will not buy anything from organization again!!!


I was also scammed by BAM with the magazine subscription. I have done them before through other companies and was told that if I didn't cancel within a certain time I would be charged...so I cancelled.

At BAM, the cashier specifically told me that I would never be charged unless I took active steps to renew the subscription. When we asked if we needed to cancel it somewhere he replied "no." I'm extremely disappointed in this company lying, as my husband and I have been very loyal customers. I think we'll stick with Barnes & Noble, who offers a great discount for teachers and has NEVER scammed us!

On another note, I used the website to unsubscribe and it did work for me...just makes you go through a lot of pages offering you more things.

Just say no and cancel!! I think the website sounds easier to use than calling the number.


My wife recently visited the BAM in Westpark Mall (Cleveland, OH). The cashier told her the same thing that everyone else has said...

"Your purchase amount qualifies you for 3 months free, you won't be charged for anything, you don't have to cancel if you don't want them, etc etc".

However, what is more concerning and disturbing part is that they shared our credit card info with a third party WITHOUT our permission. My wife is so vigilant about our personal information, that she'd never agreed to anything that would give a third party our credit card info.

Therefore, BAM fraudulently passed our credit card info to the magazine scammers.

My recommendation, always file a complaint with the BBB, alert your credit card company about the fraud, and if you see any charge after cancelling, then you should cancel your credit card. Once they have your card, and given that they obtained it questionably, what's to stop them from giving it to someone else?!?

Sebastian, Florida, United States #1289181

This just happened to me. I called the phone number after seeing an unusual debit from my bank account.

The cashier never explained to me that money would be automatically withdrawn from my account. I didn't even realize that the magazine company *had* my account number! I assumed that if they wanted me to continue receiving more issues, I would get a bill in the mail and send the money in. If you are persistent with the automated system (when calling), you can reach a human.

I kept repeating "cancel".

I never accepted anything else the automated voice tried to talk me into. This is beyond annoying and frustrating.

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, United States #1286681

How do I get a refund? I was able to cancel my subscriptions but I already have a charge of $23 and could not figure out from talking to the automated lady how to cancel!?!

to Anonymous #1412613

Did you ever get your refund? Having the same problem canceled but no refund and no live person to talk to

to Joanne lattur #1442883

I to just had this happen I called Books a millions customer service and she transferred me to that company. The man told me who works for the magazine company that it was canceled and I would receive a refund in 3 days. I’m keeping a eye out because I will call my credit union if it doesn’t go back to my account.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1256057

I have just had this same thing happen to me, and I opened a fraud claim with my bank against them, changed my credit card number, and the very next month they still managed to charge my account for $66. Total SCAM and Books a Million should be exposed for this total fraud!!

Carbondale, Pennsylvania, United States #1231319

Im sure some stores or employees let the customer know the truth . but i was lied to and charged tons of money.

called the store to complain and they told me well you had to read the bottom of the receipt... really!!??!... who the f**k goes home and reads all their receipts top to bottom ecsp. if you have small children.

how about Just be an honest company!!

When you finally get a hold of the people to cancel you will get a fast talking snake tongued sales rep. that will actually try to scam you into a new subscription.

Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States #1222628

I keep trying to cancel and when I call the number it's an automated voice. She gives the option to cancel but then says you can cancel and then start your next term for cheaper or something like that.

I want to CANCEL. when I get on the website it's asks for a login? I never made an account.

The person at BAM signed me up for it. Would not have done it had I known it would be this complicated to cancel!!

to Anonymous #1539693

Do you remember how you eventually cancelled? I’m in the same situation now that you were in.

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