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Update by user Jan 29, 2013

Was told I'd be put in contact with the lead manager of the location within a few days from the corporate office. Nothing.

Original review posted by user Dec 29, 2012

I received a few books for Christmas as well as a Nook. To cut down on the clutter I decided to exchange the books for accessories for my Nook.

The first associate had no problem but said she had to get her manager to approve first. The manager comes over and is rude to her and asks what she thinks she's doing. He then gives me a long speech on how they cannot return or exchange anything unless it was bought with the BAM account. I told him I got them as a gift from someone who has an account.

He has the girl look up the account and she gives me their name and phone number of who I got them from. The manager then grabs the computer and says no we don't have them here. He asks to see the books so I give him one and he scans it and smirks and says "so how'd you get these books?" I said for Christmas for the millionth time and he says these weren't bought by an account or by anyone for that matter so do you want to tell me how you REALLY got these books. I have never even thought about stealing anything and to accuse me of stealing right to my face is unacceptable.

Then he says he needed my drivers liscense to look for something and he starts writing down information from my drivers liscense. And rolls his eyes and tells me to have a good day. I called their corporate office and someone is suppose to contact me about the incident but I doubt they will. I will never set foot in a store again that accuses me.

I found out later they came from a different BAM location. Maybe he should have implied that first other than that I'm a thief.

Review about: Books A Million Manager.

Monetary Loss: $55.

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States #1070415

I encountered the exact same experience. After basically being accused of stealing I would never buy anything from them ever again

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #810698

Everything has a universal barcode. You grab a book off your shelf and being it in, it has a barcode. Doesn't mean you bought it from them.


I'm calling BS. Im a BAM regular.

You forgot to mention you didn't have a receipt, didn't you? Their return policy states that no returns can be done without a receipt. It's a bookstore...not Wal-Mart. They do this to prevent return fraud, genius.

They were doing you a favor by looking up a transaction with a membership number. Also, all of the returns at BAM require an ID. You weren't getting special attention, sorry. It does send red flags when you try to return product from another store WITHOUT a receipt.

Lastly, I highly doubt they were as rude as you paint them.

You're just an angry consumer, blowing things out of proportion. Have a nice day!

to BeInformed #775851

The books have BAM barcodes.. they should be exchangeable for store credit. Simple

to BeInformed High Point, North Carolina, United States #805663

I am calling BS on you.

to BeInformed #851519

Objection! You are able to also take in books without the receipt if the barcode is still intact.

Stop being a *** and do some research other then just reading the "fine print". Also she wasn't asking for a return, but and exchange for another item purchase.

to BeInformed Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #857333

Hey genius, granted it's 18 months later, but I'm having an issue with BAM as well right now. In any event, thanks for pointing out that the above was posted by an angry consumer on pissedcustomer.com!

to BeInformed Caseyville, Illinois, United States #919360

Did u not read their review. They simply stated that the books that were being returned were a gift.

There for didn't have a receipt for them. And to basically call bs on this situation when you weren't there to witness what happened is bs.

Granted there are two sides to every story and we don't know the other side, but given the fact from the other reviews and complaints that I have read on here, this person isn't the only one that has had a problem with returning items that were bought from them and isn't the only one that has had a problem with them accusing the customer of stealing. Especially without any proof.

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