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Everything that could have gone wrong did. I was just running into BAM really quickly for a last minute Christmas present for my mom, and once I found the book (a 30 minute feat in itself because they have NO organizational system), I spent 30 minutes with the most incompetent cashier that I have ever met in my life. She tried to sign me up for their loyalty program, and when I asked if it was like a kroger card or a costco card (meaning do I have to pay for it or not, something that I also explained to her) she said kroger, and she went through this entire process of trying to sign me up and then tells me that I owe $60 for my $10 book, and when I asked what was up, she said that I had to pay for the card, so I tell her that I don't want the card, and she asks if I want to be a part of their magazine subscription and it's free, and not only is it not free, but she put all of my information except my address and phone number into that system incorrectly, so it took me a solid two months of fighting and back and forth with the company for me to get rid of the stupid subscription (to magazines that I never read) EVEN THOUGH I SAID THAT I DIDN'T WANT IT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Books A Million Subscription.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Books A Million Cons: Service, Sketchy business practices.

  • auto renewal scheme
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Book ASimple solution, amazon.comThe last two experiences I am had at Books A Million were similar.1st it's hard to find anything and often when you do the book is in poor shape, beat up and folded. The toys or record players have previously been opened.2nd Once you to decide to check out, they harass you to no end with "up sales", "membership offers" and yes "*Free magazine offers" ...And people seriously wonder why retail is dead?

You can get the item new, in stock, and for the same and often better price. Also you do not have to deal with pushy cashiers.