Hot Springs, Arkansas
Not resolved

BAM was a company I trusted. Yep, me, too.

And I'm a cautious person. Same thing. In a hurry at Christmas. Believed the cashier who told me same thing.

Free. Free. Free. Wasn't so.

Just spent 30 min trying to cancel with someone who obviously was not born in this country. I'm not racial, just needed a correct-English speaker. And the automated set-up is so short, it is impossible to enter all numbers in short amount of time, so you can't cancel if you can't get the numbers entered. I'm sure it's set up that way so people will get frustrated.

So, for those of you who are quick to judge us, must be hard sitting on your pedestal, looking down while everyone else in world makes a mistake. Get off the minor's back. People can have credit card experience without having fraud experience. I have both and still got picked because I trusted BAM.

Her mom was a nice lady who shared her experience trying to help others. For you holy rollers, if you didn't need help, why are you here? Maybe go stalk somewhere and someone else. For those of you who still need help, try this website:

It's the service that is supposed to cancel all this mess. I cancelled both ways. By phone & by this website. Hopefully, I'll be reimbursed.

If not, then I will call my credit card company. Be blessed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Books A Million Subscription.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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