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Buyer beware! If you purchase ANYTHING at BAM and at the checkout counter they tell you about the FREE Magazines you can receive DON'T FALL FOR IT...ITS A SCAM!!!

They are MISLEADING their customers. My time is very valuable and the time I just had to spend trying to find the RIGHT number to call for a refund is unbelievable!!! Their MISLEADING. I always thought I knew the definition of FREE but I GUESS NOT.

They will offer you four "free" magazines subscriptions. I was charged a total of $104.51 once the "free" time ran out. Of course BAM never mentioned that it was for a "limited time only". I will NEVER EVER shop there again.

They should be ashamed of themselves for misleading their customers. That's a sure way to LOOSE customers in my eyes!

Product or Service Mentioned: Books A Million Subscription.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I ran into the same problem. Signed up for the member ship and was told "Pick your 3 free magazines that come with it".

No mention of cancelling before you're charged. I've been fighting for 3 months to get my magazines cancelled. Thought I had succeeded only to have another charge show up a month later. I think I finally found a number that works, 877-813-4977.

It's all automated but was worth it if it actually works. Just make sure you say NO to all her offers, no matter how good it sounds, and she'll cancel and refund your money. At least she claims to...I have a confirmation number so if I don't see my money back in 2 days, as promised, I'm going to be making some heated phone calls. I've had it with BAM and this magazine scam!

I won't be going back either...I don't care how far I have to drive to go to a different bookstore. Oh, how I miss Borders!


I canceled subscription 2 days after signing up and was still charged. Working with customer service to get charges reversed.

What a bunch of crap.

Go to *** BAM. May bankruptcy be knocking on your door.


You signed a contract outlining the trial period and allowing the magazine company to charge your card. You did this to yourself.


Sorry to hear you had that experience with your store. The lady at my store did tell me about the free magazines and did mention the cut off date and how it would charge me. That sucks the employee did not tell you.