Gulf Shores, Alabama

I was in the store in Gulf Shores, AL. on 01/20/2016 with my newborn yorkie puppy.

The lady at the front counter, name was Diane, told me (in a very polite voice) that dogs were not allowed in the store except eye-seeing dogs. I told her that I just wanted to grab a book and I would leave. I ran back to the section where all I had to do was grab the book and check out.

A woman with a name tag Gale stopped me while I was running to the cashier and told me I had to immediately exit the store in a terribly rude and hateful tone and other customers were looking at me. Needless to say, I was terrribly embarrassed and humiliated by this Gale and will never shop that store again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Books A Million Cashier.

Reason of review: rude employee.

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Ma'am, the first employee told you politely that dogs were not allowed in the store, unless they were service animals. You ignored her and proceeded inside anyway.

Should the second person have treated you rudely? No. But was she out of line telling you to leave the store with the dog?

Absolutely not. Here's a news flash for you: The rules apply to everyone -- including you.


Look, it's not like you weren't informed that BAM only allowed seeing eye dogs, you were. Yet you chose to "run to the back" of the store anyway to get your book...and you got called out on it, it embarrassed you, so you complained...

Why, I have no idea.

You were informed of the policy, you violated it & got schooled and sent on your way.

This isn't a real complaint, your just bellyaching.


Omg how freaking entitled people have become. When places of business politely tell you their policies and you waltz thru with your accessory puppy anyways, you're the ***.

Not them. I came here to make a legitimate complaint, but after seeing bs like this, who's going to take other complaints seriously? Rules apply to you too, surprise!

A cute dog (that you likely paid several hundred for) doesn't make you an exception.

Make a difference, adopt your pets! They desperately need loving homes!


And what about those with dog allergies.

Or what if your dog happens to *** or poo?

Seriously, its rude.

There is a sign that says

"SERVICE Dogs welcome"

SERVICE dogs. Not lil yorkies for everyone to oo and awe at.


You were told dogs weren't allowed once. I guess you felt entitled or somehow above rules so you brought the dog in anyway and they were rude to you?!

Do you think you were rude to them by not following their rules when they told you politely first? "Newborn" puppies probably shouldn't be out in public. You embarrassed and humiliated yourself. Their store, their rules!

I don't understand people like you, that rules somehow magically do not apply to you. The rules are for everyone but you right?

Leave to dog in the car...not a hard concept. You aren't special so quit thing you need special treatment!