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Back in May, I went to BAM and got a few books, and the lady told me about their "You spent so much that you get 3 months subscription to 3 magazines free." Naturally excited to read magazines for free, I signed up. Flash forward to today when I found out that BAM gave my card information to these magazines so they could charge me for not cancelling my subscription in time- something I was never contacted about.

So I get charges to my card for each of the magazines. Never will I ever walk back into a BAM, and you can bet that I will tell everyone I know not to as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Books A Million Subscription.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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A common scam. BAM gets a fee for signing people up and the sap(you) is so excited to get something for free that they fail to read the "fine print"---which says you must cancel within a certain length of time or you will be charged for the auto renewal of the subscription.

People who insist on paying for everything with a credit or, worse a debit card are the prime victims of this. You should have gotten something in writing describing the workings of this free subscription program but you failed to read it.

It is possible you didn't, in which case you could try disputing the charges by claiming a failure to inform. Good luck.


They did get something in writing. They signed an agreement with the terms outlined and received a copy of the terms verbatim at the bottom of the receipt.

The company covered its bases.

The customer just didn’t pay attention, because who actually reads anything you sign up for anymore? l mean, for all we know, we could be agreeing to slavery or medical release every time we put down our Hancock.