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The cashier blantantly lied to us, leading us to lose money. We received several books a million gift cards for Christmas totalling $150. We kept careful track of what we were spending and stopped ourselves at about $135, accounting for tax as well. When we reached the...
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That's the way the teach them to sell the membership and they correct you if you try and say that's it's only 25 a year honestly

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Books A Million Cashier
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Books A Million in Kingsport, Tennessee - Refused return on Christmas gift

My daughter received a dvd from Booksamillion from her Aunt. The day before Christmas(same day she received the gifts) we took them back along with a few others she had received that she didn't want. I told the cashier I didn't have a receipt for the dvd but did for the other things. She said no problem. Rang us up and then proceeded to make a big production when I asked for cash back instead of it going back on my mothers card. Hollared for a manager for a 304, cashier beside her said REALLY a 304?? Manager arrived and stated a 304?? I had to look back to see what happened. I don't know what a 304 far as I am concerned I was tagged as a shoplifter, embarrased and humiliated in front of a line of customers for merely trying to make a return. The she shoved the unopened dvd back to me and said can't help you with this one. Gave me a dirty look and hollared Next! I will never shop there again. Have returned all gifts for my kids bought there and will rebuy elsewhere. Will never buy another thing there nor will my mother or sister after this.
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There was no refund line...I walked straight in the door and over to the counter for refund processing. The man I talked to watched me walk in and was the one who looked at the cashier and said "Really a 304!?" He knows as do I that I didn't walk around the store and pick it up and there was no reason for me to be treated rudely since I was not rude to them.

I was treated rudely from the time the cashier started my refund until the end.

Since it was Christmas and most places will do returns without a receipt I didn't think anything of it. Even without a receipt I should NOT have been treated as rudely as I was in front of an entire store full of shoppers the day before Christmas.

She was NOT NICE and as I stated before if they had told me upfront they could not accept the dvd without a receipt it would not have been a problem. Instead I was told in a nice voice no problem by the man handed off to the grinch female cashier...who got on the phone and yelled for a 304 before even beginning the transaction which is what confused me then dealing with everything else and then shoving that one item back at me and saying NOPE!

Was I rude up until that point NO! Was I rude after that NO! Will I ever shop there again H...

NO!! I tell everyone how I was treated there....everyone.


No receipt and you requested cash back? For all they know, you could have been a shoplifter!

You could have picked that DVD up off the shelf and tried to scam them out of money. It happens all the time. No where I have ever worked or heard of, gives cash back for a return without a receipt. Most places will return it on the card it was originally purchased on, OR give you a store credit.

No wonder the manager gave you a dirty look, she probably thought you were a scammer.

Read the receipt or look up a store's return policy before returning anything. That should protect you from being seen as a thief.


I've worked at a booksamillion and not sure what a 304 is, but it may be a warning for rude customers. They have a strict return policy stated on their receipts, ALL of them. No one wants to do your return and lose their job because you lacked any proof o show where the item had been purchased.

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Books A Million Cashier

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