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I recently bought the leapfrog lappad for my grandson but lost the reciept. I tried to just get store credit and was told, no, even though the salesperson remembered me getting it just a few days before.

what a lousy piece of work. i will never shop this store again and will make sure i let everyone know that this antequated policy exist there! I can understand not refunding the money. But the purchase was with a debit card which could easly be verified but to have them refuse a store credit?

it's still thier merchandise.

What a way to say Merry Xmas to your customers. Stay away from this store!

Monetary Loss: $107.

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Read the receipt you lost!! The return policy is on the back!

Who cares if you bought it a couple days ago.

People have scammed BAM so many times that they will not allow you to return anything without the receipt. So this was on you and thank you for going online and showing everyone how inadequate you are at reading.

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